5 Reviews of the Best Sports Betting Sites in the UK

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When you are looking for a fun way to spend a little time that could also win you some money, try sports betting. The great news is that nowadays you don’t have to go to a betting shop to place a bet, and you don’t need to be a sports expert. You can play from the comfort of your own home and you don’t need any experience to do it, either.


When considering where to play, look for a site that is reputable and professional, easy to use, and filled with plenty of fun features. And as for betting strategies, of course no one is going to tell you how to win every time when you place a sports bet, but you can pick up some really useful hints and tips along the way. Try sports bets for size and see how you like it, with the help of one of these top sites.


  1. Bet365

Bet365 is probably the best known out of all the sports betting sites in the UK. Adverts for this site are everywhere. And the site lives up to the hype. It is filled with interesting features and there are plenty of chances to get involved including with live betting and with a variety of different sports.


  1. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes has long been a recognisable UK name thanks to the presence of Ladbrokes betting shops on the high street. Now you can play online at Ladbrokes, and it’s got some nice bonus offers plus you can bet on all kinds of sports. Take a look here at an interesting review of Ladbrokes.


  1. William Hill

William Hill is another well-known fixture on the high street in the UK. These people certainly have the history and experience to develop a solid online betting presence. One of the good things about William Hill is you can bet on lots of different sports that are not offered at all the other sites. Plus there are some nice odds.


  1. Sky Bet

Sky Bet is a newer addition to the online sports betting world. You’ll find all you need here to have fun placing bets on a whole range of different sports. There are good new player bonus incentives and you can bet live and to quite high limits.


  1. Paddy Power Sport

There’s an excellent mobile interface here and a wide array of different sports. The new player bonus is also high, making this a good choice for beginners.


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