12 Revolutionary Tech Companies to Watch right now

Looking for more tech companies that are fast-moving and well worth your watching? As an avid tech enthusiast, companies that are disruptive, innovative and growing at a phenomenal speed always get my attention. These are some of the companies I consider to be movers and shakers right now: Roobee This is an investment platform that […]

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing: Insights Shared by Alpine Security

Penetration testing or white-hat hacking, as it is sometimes also called, is a simulated cyber attack through which vulnerabilities can be identified and tested. The objective is to protect organizations and their clients from data breaches. Many companies wrongly assume that they have effective cybersecurity measures in place. These assumptions can be costly to reputation […]

New Software That Is Changing The Encryption Industry

For many businesses concerned about cyber security, encryption is the key to keeping confidential communications safe. All around the world, millions of users rely on secure, efficient PGP encryption to guarantee that hackers and cyber criminals cannot access private communications. But in order to be effective, PGP encryption needs to be implemented properly, and this […]

How SnatchBot is disrupting next-level communication in business

Leveraging technology to improve business communication and reduce manual labour has become a fine balancing act. Companies who succeed at doing this effectively, will have a leading edge over competitors who are stuck in the conventional quadrant. The first port of call to find the best solution in the market often starts when developers look […]

A Secret Customer Service Hack That Will Make You Money

In the age of Amazon Prime and UberEats, it’s easier now than ever before to buy things online. When people can almost buy anything from anywhere, your challenge as a small business owner is convincing consumers to shop with you rather than the big names of e-commerce. Due to your size, you won’t be able […]

5 Tips For Throwing A Large Event Smoothly And Safely

If you are hosting a large corporate event such as a concert or conference, there are a few ways to prepare ahead of time to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible while protecting the safety of your guests. Whenever you are throwing a large corporate event, you have a few options available to […]

Three Reasons To Switch To Cloud Accounting Right Now

Unless your headquarters is located under a particularly large rock, you’ve probably heard of cloud-based accounting systems before. It’s the hot topic of conversation, so you might be entertaining the switch from traditional accounting software to systems that use the cloud. The decision isn’t always an easy one. If you still aren’t sure if your […]

What Should a Good HR Software Include?

Technology has created countless benefits for businesses, and made life easier for a lot of staff.  One of the ways that businesses have benefited is from the implementation of HR software.  Instead of human resources staff having to do everything manually, they can now use a unified system that reduces errors, increases productivity, and gives […]

Driving the future: Can you afford it?

We are at the cusp of a green revolution in vehicles and it is thanks to those who looked beyond oil and gas to sources like Lithium to drive electric vehicles. At the same time, automation and AI is making gains and we’ll probably soon see many more driverless taxi’s and even large trucks which […]

Quality Assurance In The Next Generation Factory

The manufacturing sector in North America is at a crossroads – it must either follow Japan and Germany as leaders in automation, or struggle (and fail) to claw back low-skill, low-pay jobs from developing markets. Forward-thinking manufacturing companies are investing heavily in greater automation, moving toward a future where the Internet of Things seamlessly connects […]