How to get your accounting firm’s accounts receivables under control

Cash is the life blood of an accounting firm and, like any other business, an accounting firm needs cash to pay its obligations and continue operating. The firm has to deal with accounts receivable, i.e. money owed to it by its customers. With so many clients and projects to work on, it is easy to […]

The 5 Hallmarks of A Great Sales Recruiter

Let’s face it: securing sales talent is not easy. Finding a candidate with the right work ethic, expertise, and personality is a difficult task. Sometimes simply posting a job, interviewing candidates and training effectively simply aren’t enough. No matter the brilliant life hacks you may know, recruiting is an area that requires in-depth knowledge. This […]

Recruit Better with These Hiring Practices

Whether you’re recruiting several people for a team, or a single new hire; recruiting goes beyond posting a job ad and conducting interviews. It requires accessing the right resources and tools, writing appropriate job ads, considering a wide variety of candidates and experience, and proper on-boarding for solid employee retention. Start the process by accessing […]

New Software That Is Changing The Encryption Industry

For many businesses concerned about cyber security, encryption is the key to keeping confidential communications safe. All around the world, millions of users rely on secure, efficient PGP encryption to guarantee that hackers and cyber criminals cannot access private communications. But in order to be effective, PGP encryption needs to be implemented properly, and this […]

5 Reasons Digital Signs Are So Popular In Retirement Residences

Retirement residences are changing. Digital signage companies provide digital signage solutions that are making retirement residences more welcoming and entertaining places. Digital signs make it easier to spread information and entertainment in retirement residences. They help foster a stronger sense of community by keeping residents informed about everything from birthdays to new residents to special […]

3 Marketing Tricks For Your Small Business

It’s no secret that the current job market can seem overwhelming and impossible to navigate. Most young people – even those with educations are obliged to take on unpaid internships for a time before they can even get paid to work at the bottom rung of their chosen field. A young person’s motivation to go […]

Why Every Company Needs A Uniform

A company isn’t just a moneymaking venture – it’s also a team. And, or course, those two definitions feed neatly into one another, as strong, team-oriented companies tend to do better business than those that are dysfunctional, fractured, or solely bottom-line-driven. A great way for any company, big or small, new or established, to reinforce […]