Digital marketing qualifications backed by Linkedin and Microsoft

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You will probably find that since the Linkedin acquisition of, and the subsequent Microsoft acquisition of Linkedin, that digital marketing professionals and agencies and marketing campaign specialists will all upgrade their skillset via the Linkedin e-learning platform. Gone are the days of overcharging via platforms like the IDM, CIM and marketmotive. New course releases now include SEO for apps (also see SEO for apps on

What this means is that you can expect to see the skillset of marketing practitioners increase rapidly, solving a major staffing and competence issue globally. All-round skills such as analytics, data science, digital campaign management through Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Facebook and various programmatic platforms  are all within reach – in fact, copywriting, storytelling, content marketing and a plethora of complimentary skills can all be accessed from the same library. The best part is that certification is added to your Linkedin profile so that in future, when serious headhunters and procurement professionals are searching for someone with your unique skillset, chances are that they will now be able to find you easier!

Think of it this way: With the biggest name in tech such as Bill Gates, Reed Hoffman and other Silicon Valley visionaries now behind this project, your career in digital marketing is now in safe hands!

For a preview on what top marketing authors produced to date:

Adriaan Brits (MSC/MBA)


Brad Batesole:


New releases:

Bing ads accredited essential training on (taught by Adriaan Brits)

Bing ads accredited essential training on Linkedin learning (taught by Adriaan Brits) 

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