Take The Stress Away From Cross-Border Transactions

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Advances in technology over the last decade have transformed how the global population receives their information; it affects how they consume their news and entertainment, to how they engage in social interaction. They can retrieve news from around the world with the click of a button on an app, or watch their favourite television shows on demand. This is owing to the growth and global expansion of cloud-based services. Social media outlets for example are among these, and provide users with essential updates (personal and professional) every time they log in.

When cloud-based service providers like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and LinkedIn provide the populations of a specific country with access to their applications, the signals are in fact transmitted from local stations to ensure content is retrieved instantaneously, therefore every time a cloud-based service provider goes global, they also require the IT infrastructure to be set up in those countries. More often than not, they will lease technologies from a reseller whose job it is to ship the goods and ensure they arrive on schedule. Often to their regret, it is difficult for the reseller to predict how the transaction at customs will go, or whether the goods will be delayed.

Many countries treat the arrival of computer technologies with a high degree of sensitivity, and expect numerous pieces of supporting documentation to accompany the shipment. If this paperwork is not completed to the satisfaction of personnel at customs, clearance can become a complex process.

Often clients overseas will lease the equipment from resellers, and this compounds the process further as there ends up being no customer or local tax-paying entity with a point of presence in the receiving country to sign for the goods upon arrival. In these cases, countries will often make it compulsory for resellers to use an Importer of Record, as this importer can legally take responsibility for the goods once they’re cleared. TecEx is one company that can provide this service, and what’s more is they specialize in importer of record services online — particularly with the clearance of computer technologies. They have the ability to act as the Importer of Record in over 120 countries, with vast knowledge and expertise so they may apply for all the proper permits on behalf of their clients, and ensure accuracy of their documents. They can even apply for an import tax recovery from the 40 countries they work with that will honour this type of refund.

This company has a reputation for delivering the best lead times, and offers a comprehensive hands-on service by means of their highly sophisticated online portal. Through the portal, shipments can be tracked in real-time, and clients may relay any requests to their on-the-ground team who sees that the valuable goods reach their final destination without delay via the fastest route. When your clients are cloud-based service providers who expect the timely and safe arrival of technologies needed to conduct business, choose an expert in imports (that guarantees compliant clearance) to see the goods through.

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