The collective use of RPA and chatbots

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What are chatbots expected to become?

We may soon see chatbots that have the ability to adopt a personality which is based on the contextual information which is derived from understanding the personality of the customer. Chatbots will also be able to make use of facial recognition. It will also be possible to have chatbots which will have the ability to adjust response times to the speed with which the user is comfortable. Chatbots will be able to deal with concepts such as improved reality and also virtual reality. They will also be able to conduct human level conversations and they will be able to add humor to those interactions. We will also have chatbots which are able to switch effortlessly between voice and text. They are several support technologies from which chatbots can benefit such as machine speech and vision recognition. It will also be able to utilize artificial intelligence and it will also have access to large amounts of data. This allows for better analytics which will also improve decision-making abilities. A high level of reliability will be possible and therefore chatbots and RPA will be able to execute highly advanced and complex tasks. They will continue to excel when it comes to the collection of data and this will be used by the machine learning algorithm. This will allow the system to substantially improve its performance as time goes by.

Looking at the available evidence

There are already many examples which provide a clear picture of how available technologies could be used to make organizations more effective, allowing them to improve the bottom line and therefore also to literally transform organizations. As far as customer service and support is concerned customers will be very likely to terminate their support of a company when it seems that that company is unable to provide them with a satisfactory experience. The majority of consumers will not tolerate companies who employ people who are rude because this can give the impression that their support is not valued. Likewise, when dealing with online companies, consumers will terminate any process if they encounter problems to receive solutions to the problems which they may experience. Most consumers will not acknowledge the fact that individual attempts at self-service have failed. It is also a problem for consumers when they find themselves in a situation where their experiences fail to exceed their expectations.

RPA and chatbot solutions

It is entirely possible to make use of RPA bots and other automation tools because this can certainly allow employees more time to focus on the managing of other important processes. It will also give employees the opportunity to make improvements to existing processes. When RPA bots have been implemented they are able to provide both back-office and front end automation. This can make it easier to deal with high-volume helpdesk tasks and accounting inventory management. RPA bots are also able to provide a high level of back-office IT support. With chatbots, it is now possible to provide human resources with more time to deal with service requests and also to streamline workflows. Chatbots is intelligent enough to detect when consumers become frustrated and will then hand them over to human resources. With the implementation of chatbots, it is possible to relieve the pressure on employees. These resources can now be used to deal with other complex processes. Chatbots can also be successfully used in sales and they are even able to provide real-time updates regarding everything which is taking place. Chatbots is more than able to answer frequently asked questions and to provide personalized customer care 24 hours a day.

It might be time to accept the obvious

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized many industries. Wherever it has been implemented substantial improvements have been noticed such as better workflows, better organization and also significantly less human errors. There are a very large number of processes which can be more effectively handled by RPA software robots and chatbots. It is especially those tedious and repetitive tasks which can be boring and tiresome which are perfectly suited to be handled by artificial intelligence systems. Excellent examples are customer care departments where all of those frequently asked questions can be handled by chatbots. There are also many processes in the manufacturing industry which is repetitive and this can be handled more effectively by making use of RPA software robots. These systems will work tirelessly 24 hours a day and seven days a week and they will continue to work efficiently and tirelessly without the need to rest.

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