When Trump visits Silicon Valley: What to expect

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There is a grin on my face I can hardly hide: Thinking about what is going to happen when president Donald Trump visits Silicon Valley. I seem to remember that his only vocal supporter in the valley was Peter Thiel – who seemingly betted against the mainstream. Silicon Valley is important for the US and global economies – and Trump certainly knows that. Will he strike a conciliatory tone or crack down on his opponents? Who knows, I suspect the former because America has to get on with business.

5 bigger questions being asked right now in the valley and beyond:

  1. Will Trump suck up to the UK royal family, or will he put them in their place and refuse to get on a plane to visit them? Surely them and Theresa May can share a flight to visit the Whitehouse instead.
  2. What will happen between Germany and the US – I mean the Germans did deport Trump’s grandfather, but they are also a major trading ally of the US. Needless to say, that the UK and Germany are rivals in Europe – and Germany in particular will be gaining from BREXIT if the Farage & Boris clowns have their way.
  3. What will happen in Mexico? We have huge manufacturing going on there – in fact, Mexico is the alternative to China, if we consider “affordable manufacturing”.
  4. What will happen to Amazon? Will the share price crash due to Trump policies and de-globalization?
  5. Will Trump help out Linkedin in order to get back into Russia? Surely one call to Putin will smooth things over for Linkedin.

So you’d like to know my prediction of what will happen in the Valley during his visit? Sure: Those who hated Trump will change their tune and pretend they were “closet supporters”, whereas the real closet supporters will become much more vocal. Remember those thugs who were beating up Trump supporters in San Jose near the valley? Well I think those folks would be rather quiet when he visits again.

But guess what: Innovation does not depend on Trump – after all, he inherrited a fortune, which gave him a kickstart. Most people in the valley are self made successful beings, who do not depend on a location. Whether they live in Ireland, the US or even Singapore, they will always be successful – and a smart US president will know this.

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