Staying in control of technical debt for business development

Taking a shortcut and putting off work to finish the job in hand in quick time may give you a short term benefit but in the long run can affect your business’ productivity and even cause premature death. When such a situation arises then you are said to have technical debt. This is just like […]

Accumulation of Technical Debt could be essential to company survival

When you let tech debt to accumulate by your ignorance then you can be sure that defects will arise in the code in the future which will affect the functionality and performance of the code. This will affect in turn in your company’s reputation, productivity and even in its existence. Things will become costlier than […]

Having the right vision for managing Technical Debt Is Imperative

The use of software increases with the size of your business, and the more you use it, the more is the necessity to manage it properly. It is also inevitable that you will incur technical debt along with the increased use of software and therefore you will require having the proper vision to manage technical […]