Accumulation of Technical Debt could be essential to company survival

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When you let tech debt to accumulate by your ignorance then you can be sure that defects will arise in the code in the future which will affect the functionality and performance of the code. This will affect in turn in your company’s reputation, productivity and even in its existence. Things will become costlier than before in terms of defect identification, code testing and analysis and regular maintenance along with repayment with interest. Therefore, the best way to maintain smooth running of your software company is by managing tech debt as and when it occurs with the help of effective reworking and refactoring.

Reason Of Tech Debt

Tech debt can occur primarily due to the shortcut process availed by the development team in its design and creating the architecture. Such rush in releasing the code without proper designing and testing may be due to the constant pressure from the product owner, stakeholders as well as the urge to stay ahead in the market to be in the competition. It may also be the result of the ignorance of the developing team with the latest technology and trend in product design. Tech debt may also accrue when you use unsupported, outdated and depreciated technology to expect more efficiency.

Know It And Admit It

Therefore, it is always better to know how much tech debt you currently have and admit it as well. Admittance will enable you to talk about it with the other teams not only those who are responsible for the product creation and design but also with those who are responsible for its marketing and management. Whenever you see any defect you should quantify it and sit with your teams to find a suitable and fast way to refactor it so that the functionality and productivity of codes is enhanced. This will also raise the level of competition amongst your teams, teach them to accept responsibility without blaming each other and discuss all available options for working on it.

Consequences Of It

Rising in business is just like climbing a steep slope which is slippery. You have to be careful about where to step and take every foot forward after careful judgment so that you do not slip back to your former position or even behind. You will have to assess the risk factors first and then take the necessary step accordingly so that you can move ahead and further upward. Similarly, management of tech debt also takes proper assessment and tests to find out its existence and degree of effect in the code and take proper actions to work on it.

Sustenance In Life

To sustain in your life you will have to make ends meet properly and wisely and for that you may have to take some loans from banks and other financial organizations to run your family smoothly. You take such loans after proper and wise calculations knowing the resources with which you can repay it on time along with interest. It is the same thing when you want to develop your software. Check online to know more about refactoring. Also check for the information on bill consolidation loan and go for it when needed as it can be a great help for you when you are struggling with loan issues.




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