5 Reasons Digital Signs Are So Popular In Retirement Residences

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Retirement residences are changing. Digital signage companies provide digital signage solutions that are making retirement residences more welcoming and entertaining places. Digital signs make it easier to spread information and entertainment in retirement residences. They help foster a stronger sense of community by keeping residents informed about everything from birthdays to new residents to special events.



Digital signage companies like Netvisual are working with retirement residences to improve communications with residents and foster stronger communities. They install custom screens and cases and design custom content that’s easy for administrators to update through a portal as needed. Digital signage companies today offer full-service installation, design, and customization. These are 5 of the must-have features digital signage offers retirement residences today:


#1 Welcoming Residents


Retirement residences are tight-knit communities. When you welcome new residents or new staff, you want everyone to know. Customized messages welcoming new residents and staff are easily created and updated with the Netvisual design studio.


#2 Special Events


Having a special event in the community? Shout it from the rooftops with digital signs. One of the most useful components of digital signage is the ability to quickly and cheaply disseminate information. With the right digital signage, you can update content in minutes from any in-house computer with no need to talk to graphic designers.


#3 Digital Menu Boards


Digital menu boards are one of the most widespread and practical applications for digital signage. Digital menu boards are ideal for cafeterias. Large displays and print will make sure residents can easily read the day’s cafeteria options. Digital menu boards are also easy to update in real time or schedule menus for future dates and times.


#4 Daily Activity Board


Activities are the heart of a retirement residence community. When all of your time is leisure time, recreational activities are the key to keeping active and engaging the mind and body. Psychological studies even show that recreational activities are a key part in how people create or continue new identities. Individuals identify with their accomplishments and that requires creative activities. Digital signage boards allow retirement residences to keep residents informed about daily activities whether they’re in their suites or in common areas.


#5 In-Suite Programming


One final feature of using digital signage companies like Netvisual is the introduction of an in-suite TV channel that broadcasts your digital signage content. It’s a convenient way to keep residents informed whenever they want to find out what’s going on, whether it’s the day’s menu, activities, special events, or news that matters to their community.


Digital signage companies take care of everything from design to installation to ongoing maintenance. Never worry about tech problems thanks to fail-proof signs that instantly reformat your content to fit remaining screens. Expect 24/7 tech support from digital signage companies so that you can get problems fixed A.S.A.P. Digital signage is transforming retirement residences because they’re so effective at fostering community. Don’t miss out on all the features digital signage can bring to a retirement home.

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