6 Things you never knew chatbots and AI can achieve

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People are amazed at the things we’re able to achieve with artificial intelligence and chatobts. As this revolution accelerates, I want to take a moment to share some of the information on sectors that were disrupted so positively bit it:

Chatbots used in France and Israel shows how to reduce credit card fraud and reduce your carbon footprint

Millions of businesses and notable brands already making use of chatbots to improve business efficiency and to increase profits. These chatbots are widely used to sell products, to market brands and to provide high-quality customer service. It is the same story in just about every industry such as in banking where chatbots are now increasingly used to ensure uninterrupted and quality customer care. Because of sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing chatbots is able to engage in extensive conversations. They are able to provide consumers with a lot of information regarding the business or brand.

Avi Ben Ezra in France: Benefits of chatbots

Chatbots are unique artificial intelligence entities. They can accomplish extraordinary things depending on their programming and what they had been created to do. When linked to an extensive database which can provide the chatbot with a lot of data, they will be able to benefit a business or Corporation tremendously. The possibilities are truly endless. Chatbots are already used as personal financial assistants. They are used as personal coaches and also as relationship advisors. Many parents are now making use of chatbots to protect and educate their children. Chatbots are also increasingly used as substitutes for human caregivers.

Avi Ben Ezra explains how chatbots are used by the military

Chatbots is now widely used by military forces across the planet. The US military is a perfect example of this. The majority of airstrikes which is conducted is done by making use of military drones. There are many benefits; an important objective is reached without endangering the lives of US soldiers. The US military has access to very sophisticated technologies. They are engaged in ongoing research and development initiatives in order to ensure that they remain leaders in this important field. They are not only investing in offensive weapons; they are also using artificial intelligence as part of their recruitment efforts.

How AI chatbots are transforming Real Estate business

The ability to effectively engage with consumers is one of the most important aspects in order to ensure strong relationships between businesses and consumers. This aspect is also critical when it comes to the real estate industry. The only way to succeed in the real estate industry is to constantly engage with those sellers and buyers because this is the only way to generate leads which could ultimately lead to sales. Once again chatbots are employed to substantially enhance interaction with the consumer. They are used on the real estate websites, on social media platforms and they are also integrated into the telephone system.

Supercharging Your Business With Chatbots

There is already a long list of commercially used chatbots which is turning the world of customer care on its head. Some of the most well-known chatbots are Alexa, Amy, Erica, and Siri. These artificial intelligence entities are engaging with thousands of consumers every day. They are never tired, irritated or impatient. They will continue to serve the customer 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Because of these amazing chatbots many businesses and corporations are seeing incredible growth as well as increased profits. It has been seen that chatbots have the ability to increase productivity because they are able to quickly analyze available data and to provide updates to management.

Not All Chatbots Are Created Equal: Separating Hype From Reality

Thousands of businesses have already discovered the incredible power of artificial intelligence. It is providing businesses with an incredibly powerful tool which can benefit a business or Corporation on many levels. The difference which AI can make becomes even more emphasized when one adds chatbots to the equation. It is increasingly happening that chatbots are discussed in the media. There are frequent discussions on this topic on the BBC world. And one of the most frequently asked questions is whether chatbots are going to take people’s jobs. Even though chatbots are incredibly sophisticated, there are many things which simply cannot be done by chatbots.


Humans admit it: we have breached parity, chatbots are just as good in most cases – and safer these days. We reduced fraud, cleaned up the environment by reducing our carbon footprint (still ongoing) and achieved amazing things. In a business or corporation, there are many tedious and repetitive tasks which can be extremely boring as far as human beings are concerned. However, chatbots are not affected by such human attributes such as boredom, frustration and lack of concentration. This is why they are perfectly suited to deal with all of those tedious and repetitive tasks and they will do so efficiently and round-the-clock and right through the year.

Stay tuned because we’re only getting started.

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