How AI enhances consumer experiences – by Avi Ben Ezra

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A happy customer is generally a buying customer

Whatever you can do to make your customer happy should be done with enthusiasm and also regularly. Research has shown that excellence in consumer service is one of the most important factors as far as business success is concerned. The old saying that the customer is king is still very much valid because without a customer you have no business. In fact, the business exists for the customer. Any business who has committed to keeping the customer happy at all times can rest assured that the customer will always return and they will do business with you again and again. This allows the business to optimize sales and it will also increase the generation of profits. A customer who is not satisfied will simply not return and they may even relate that negative experience to their friends and family. Research indicated that over 40% of customers will return for more products after they have been exposed to excellent customer service. On the other hand, over 50% ceased their shopping activities after a single unsatisfactory customer service experience.

Investing in a better customer service experience

Large organizations and institutions fully understand the vital importance of good customer experiences. This is why they reinvest millions of dollars into providing a better customer experience. There have also been several sophisticated technological advances which had been utilized by businesses to impress their customers. Those technologies have also improved the brand image of the business apart from improving customer service. We need to learn from the top companies and especially those belonging to the Fortune 500 group of companies. For those reputable companies, artificial intelligence has become the primary tool used to improve customer experience. In fact, by properly implementing artificial intelligence tools it is entirely possible to provide a level of customer experience which goes beyond human imagination. Research is now indicating that by the end of this decade over 80% of customer interactions will be driven by artificial intelligence. There will simply no longer be a need for human intervention.

Artificial intelligence is the answer

Research indicates that the delicate relationship between machines and humans is going through a metamorphoses. Using AI technologies correctly can drastically improve consumer perceptions as far as customer service is concerned. There is the unequaled consistency of artificial intelligence. Humans have to rest after an 8 to 9-hour shift, AI systems do not need to. However, the viewpoint of the customer is that they want instant attention and solutions to all of their complicated problems and they want them right now. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at 3 AM in the morning. Researchers are by now fully aware of the fact that almost 60% of consumers expect a satisfactory solution to their problem within half an hour. It does not matter whether it’s over the weekend, during the night or at some other inconvenient time. Reasonable or not a business has to make every attempt to accommodate their customers and keep them as happy as possible. If they do not do so they will simply lose another customer. AI systems are becoming increasingly attractive as an agent to increase customer experiences.

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