Media types matter for social and mobile – 5 things you should know

Compare and contrast the different media types below and their relative uses in direct communications (basically advantages and disadvantages)   Telemarketing + enables conversation for further information finding + easy to adapt message and persuade + assists in data collection and enhances lead generation + can be personalised and help relationship building + complete the […]

Strategic windows in the mobile payments market

The mobile payments market can be analysed through strategic windows that exist, which can be considered under five headings: Firstly, concerning new segments: Neither online payments or card payments are new segments, however, the fact that internet payments are now increasingly carried out via mobile phones rather than personal computers, would qualify m-payments as a […]

The mobile payments report

An evaluation of Apple’s decision to launch Apple Pay in the USA can firstly commence with an analysis of Apple’s own description of Apple Pay. The perception is created that the company is attempting to redefine the mobile payments market (Apple, 2014). This is because whilst it seeks to eliminate the need to use cash […]