Have you seen the Zeus ring, the most masculine silicone ring available?

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Wondered where you can find a ring that I can wear everywhere any time without worrying about losing, stretching or breaking it? See the new Zeus ring from Groovelife here.

Introducing the Zeus ring, the toughest, breathable and most masculine silicone ring to reach the market. Most men will stop at nothing to get rid of their metal bands that need to be removed during sport or manual labor and get hold of this band of steel-like strength.

The Zeus ring is named after the mythical god of thunder, rain and lightning. And it is appropriately named too because it can handle any situation that the man puts it through while retaining its strength and shape.

The Zeus ring is intricately designed with the new anti-stretch™ technology so that, no matter what it is put through, it retains its form and strength. It brings a whole new meaning to “commitment” in a masculine way.

The Zeus ring was created with the fighter, the warrior, the man that loves to stretch the limits in every part of his life. It is perfect for the man who fully understands and values the unyielding strength and sophisticated form of a metal ring but prefers to wear a band that is designed to be flexible enough to be worn in any challenging situation and still keep his fingers safe.

The ring is sleek enough for the office so the man can look stylish in work and business situations. However, it is flexible enough to survive the tough workout on any machine at the gym. It is definitely the most perfect choice for any occasion, any moment and any situation.

The Zeus ring is precisely constructed from untainted medical-grade silicone. It is thicker than the original Groove ring and it sticks out on the finger, reminding the man of his ultimate commitment every moment.

Three rings in one

The Zeus ring, the best of all rings, consists of three rings, set on top of each other and then fused together into one very strong band. Each ring has a unique purpose.

First band: breathable grooves

The innermost band has breathable grooves, a technology that allows air to flow in and moisture to flow out. The grooves enable sweat and other moisture to move out and air to move in through air ports in the ring, leaving the skin clean, dry and safe from the risk of rashes. This frees the hands so the man can hike, run, lift weights and compete in any sport without any impediments.

Second band: Anti-Stretch™ technology

The inner band, the Zeus Anti-Stretch™ ring, provides shape and firmness to the medical grade silicone. It holds the whole ring’s shape and prevents it from stretching. Therefore, the man wearing this ring doesn’t need to remove his ring while chopping wood, lifting weights or doing any manual work. However, should the Zeus ring get caught in machinery and equipment, it protects the finger by safely breaking apart. If it happens to break, or if it gets lost, there is no need to worry because it is covered by the Groove 94-year No BS Warranty. Soon, another ring will be delivered, fast.

Third band: style

The outermost ring is made of striking, hard-wearing, medical-grade silicone. It has a unique step-edge that has a great impression of metal but has the flexibility of silicone. The best way to describe it is “fashionable, yet unbelievably durable.”

Great gift idea

The Zeus ring is great for a man who loves silicone but misses the form and rigid strength of a metal ring. He can easily replace the metal ring with Groove’s step-edge design and never worry again. For anyone giving the Zeus ring as a gift, the 3/8″ (9mm) ring is customizable! It makes a perfect wedding band but it can also represent a man’s commitment to his favorite sport, team or memory. It comes in six popular colors: Deep Navy, midnight, Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth, Deep Stone and Storm.

Worried about size?

The Zeus ring does not stretch, which is why it is made slightly larger than standard rings so that it fits over knuckles. A man whose finger size is somewhere between two regular sizes should consider buying the smaller size for the best fit.

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