How Chemical Suppliers Help The Water Treatment Industry

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The process of water treatment is complicated and can have many different goals — the goal could be providing safe drinking water or ensuring that water returns to its environment in good condition. Chemical supply companies offer solutions to remove contaminants from the water as effectively as possible, while remaining aware of safety precautions and environmental impact. Here is a brief list of some of the ways that chemical suppliers help the water treatment industry.

The water treatment industry is divided into several main markets and jobs: municipal water and waste water; industrial water and waste water; biosolids; leachate; biofuels; and environmental remediation. A company that targets all of these areas with their supply of chemical resources is the company CCC Chemicals — a highly-experienced company that is one of the largest independent distributors in Canada and the tenth largest in all of North America. The company distributes chemicals to solve common and uncommon issues in water treatment, and sources ground-breaking and innovative supplies to help improve the efficacy, safety and cleanliness of the water treatment process. CCC Chemicals has significant credentials supporting their supplies and services: they are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation; they are approved by the American Water Works Association standards; and they participate in the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Federation, along with regional affiliates all over the country of Canada.


Municipal Water Treatment

As the title indicates, this market within the water treatment industry deals with water treatment and waste water on a municipal level. Suppliers offer chemicals for PH control and alkalinity control, air purification, odor control products and surfactants to aid in the treatment process. Chemical suppliers can often help improve the treatment process by offering their own expertise, including technical support for plant design.


Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment is supplied with similar chemicals to the market of municipal water treatment, but is offered different technical services. Chemical suppliers can offer expertise and assistance for issues with boiler treatment, cooling towers, glycols and treatment programs for effluent.



Biosolids are organic materials rich in nutrients that result from the municipal water treatment process. Chemical suppliers offer multiple options for organic and inorganic flocculants and coagulants to aid with issues relating to biosolids. Chemicals can also be used for sanitation, disinfection and eliminating unpleasant odours when dealing with biosolids.



Leachate is defined as the liquid that percolates through waste in a landfill — meaning it is draining or “leaching” from the waste. Chemical suppliers will provide a large selection of chemicals to deal with this issue, like neutralizing agents, flocculants, coagulants, nutrients and odour control.



Biofuels are eco-friendly renewable fuels that act as alternatives to fossil fuels, like coal, fuel oil and natural gas. Some chemical suppliers will offer biofuels from innovative manufacturers— biofuel chemical ingredients include fuel grain enzymes, natural antibiotic replacements and bio-based denaturants.


Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation involves working to rectify the issues that contaminated and damaged natural sites. Chemical suppliers can offer solutions needed for chemical reduction, aerobic biodegradation, and chemical oxidation.


Reliable and experienced chemical suppliers can offer chemical solutions and support for the water treatment industry. A selection of chemical solutions can help every market within the larger industry, whether that market is municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, biosolids, leachate, biofuels and environmental remediation. Chemical suppliers can help the industry keep water supplies and surrounding environments safe and clean.

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