How Do You Know An Applicant Is The Right Fit?

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Many hiring managers do everything they think will provide them with the answer to this question, from looking for specific keywords on resumes, to getting a sense of a person’s professional style, to conducting endless interviews. However, it is a fact that none of these tactics have ever given hiring personnel, especially within tough industries like sales, a consistent formula for finding that perfect candidate. This is often because success as a sales person is determined by soft skills, something that won’t necessarily show through when looking at a resume or inviting them for a fifteen-minute meeting.

Without a process you can rely on, hiring risk increases. Businesses take chances they cannot afford by hiring the wrong person for the job, investing time and money into finding them, and training them, only to find that they are out the door in just a few short months. When you learn about the benefits of sales personality tests you learn how to save resources by implementing a tool into the hiring process that offers a 90% accuracy rate. This tool is a sales personality test and it can be purchased from providers like SalesTestOnline, who over the past 30 years have been making hiring in this industry less stressful, and more transparent.

The test was created by industrial psychologists who believed each strong sales person shares a number of qualities including a motivational style, assertiveness, and sense of urgency. They built a test that only takes applicants 10 minutes to complete, showcasing whether they carry these traits, and compares their scores against a target profile. The higher the score, the more likely they are to flourish in a particular position. These profiles are chosen by the test provider after a detailed analysis of the sales organization; they can even be customized by fusing the best qualities of the company’s top salespeople.

This test furthermore has a 97% re-order rate; because of its scalability, companies can easily utilize it multiple times for any role where a benchmark profile can be determined. Because it costs only a fraction of what comparable services do, it’s simple to implement whenever it’s time to make replacements or grow the company. The sales test is also a useful training tool, as it can show where current employees could improve and what to pay attention to as they move forward; more importantly it also highlight their strengths, allowing those in charge to pass projects off to the best suited people.

Put an end to the questions, the pressure, and the frustration of trying to predict who to hire using traditional methods. Instead include a sales personality test at the top of the application when hiring new employees; this way, ill-fit candidates will automatically be weeded out – saving you the energy. You don’t even have to look at the resumes of those who score low. Conversely, you can take the highest scoring candidates and invite them to by pass part of the interviewing process – you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised by how well they turn out.


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