Extend Your Christmas Marketing Into The New Year With Dealer Chat

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Yes, Christmas is usually a boon to all in the sales industry – especially those in the candy cane trade, but that’s another article entirely! But the question on everyone’s mind this time of year is how to ride that wave, how to take the high that most businesses – dealerships included – feel and extend it as far as humanly possible. How do you continue to engage potential customers long after the seasonal impulse to buy has dried up? Well, for one, it benefits you to realize why people buy a certain product from a certain business.


It all has to do with engagement. In the absence of the holidays, when people are not socially obliged to buy gifts, your dealership needs to ramp up engagement with potential customers to fill that void. It also benefits businesses to understand that people are generally busy come January, and so that engagement has to be effective, directed and dynamic if it’s going to close the deal. That’s where dealer chat comes in; it’s the best way to connect with potential customers and direct your offers and inventory to them.


How Dealer Chat Brings You Closer To Your Customers

The best dealer chat software allows you to be available to your customer 24 hours of the day, 7 days out of the week, through text, calls or live chats. What this does is create a closer bond between your dealership and customers or potential customers. If potential customers feel like their questions, concerns and requests are always being heard and dealt with, they’ll leave with a positive brand association. Then, when it comes to time for them to purchase a new car (and all subsequent cars) they’ll think of your dealership. People crave accessibility, especially when they’re buying a big-ticket item like a car. Think about it: if your real estate agent was constantly ducking your calls, would you want to buy a house from them? No.


Direct Interaction Makes Buying That Much Easier

People want to buy big-ticket items from a business that they’ve interacted with – that’s the bottom line. When your dealership interacts with customers giving them updated offers and sales, as well as details about your inventory, they know they’ve gotten the full story from you, and will be more inclined to buy from you. That sort of direct interaction is so important in the months following the holidays, when the daily demand of people’s lives overtakes their thoughts about buying a new car. Your dealership needs to be there; your dealership needs to be present and direct; and your dealership needs to make the choice easier.


Why Your Offers Need To Be Dynamic

And you make the choice easier by being dynamic in how you direct your offers and notifications. Not all people are alike, and it would do your business a disservice to assume that everyone wants the same thing. What dealer chat services like Gubagoo send are “dynamic offers”, which basically means that they allow you to dynamically tailor your offers to your potential customers using “behavioral cohort analysis” rel=”nofollow”, which is a fancy way of saying they use a dataset that can detect the behavioral trends of specific visitors.


Be engaging, be effective, be directed and be dynamic! If you’re able to do all those things – and you can with the help of a dealer chat service – you’ll be looking at a holiday sales season that stretches all the way ‘til next summer.

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