Reinforce Your Company’s Brand With Custom Apparel

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Customized company apparel creates a simple, affordable, and memorable way for you to promote your business and create brand awareness. It is no surprise that promotional material is a $22.9 billion network – at the top of this industry, it is proven that custom apparel boosts brand awareness by bringing customer awareness to the forefront.


In fact, 87% of buyers attribute branded items as the reason for their company’s financial growth and awareness, with wearable products like debossed or embroidered apparel as the #1 seller at 34.38% of all sales. They’re incredibly cost effective, offering an ROI not easily found elsewhere, and people just tend to have very positive reactions to branded promotional decoration products that they don’t have with other, less tangible, marketing techniques.



The reason for their success is that, unlike other marketing techniques, promotional branded products get placed right into your potential customers hands. They can see, feel and wear it; it appeals to their senses; they take it home and it’s practical in their daily lives.  Plus, your message sticks, as 9 out of 10 people remember the branding and 82% gain a more positive image of the company. It might not work on them immediately, but you know that the next time they think about purchasing a product or service that your business offers, they’ll think of your brand first, and it’s that competitive edge that makes a world of difference.

Promoting your company’s customized debossed or embroidered apparel can be just as beneficial as the customer’s take-away. Used as samples, prizes, giveaways, and incentives, there are several ways to get your brand to potential clients while creating a personalized relationship: as employee recognition to boost morale; as sign-up appreciation rewards to new customers; as a brand promotion (i.e., at trade shows or other promotional events); at non-profit fundraisers or incentives fairs; new product roll-out promotions to increase awareness; or market research, such as rewards for partaking in surveys.


In addition, custom apparel boosts brand awareness by increasing your advertising budget. The financial gap between internet and branded material promotions is a lot of money, and shaving off your internet budget for a few t-shirts really can pay off. Not only can your company save money, promotional items can bring the customer to you.


You can use it as an alternate to business cards, to ensure customers have your contact information, or if you’re promoting a new product, you can include its benefits and even release date. You can use the promotional product to easily direct customers to your web site or social media, or you can use it for events or special causes like fundraisers or anniversaries as a reminder or save-the-date. It’s very versatile!


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