The History and Future of E-Commerce

Online retail has been one of the fastest growing industries in all of human history and has had a far greater and more prominent role in shaping our shared destiny as a species.   Planting the Seeds E-commerce first made an appearance some 40 years ago, building on technology similar to that used in delivering […]

5 Reviews of the Best Sports Betting Sites in the UK

When you are looking for a fun way to spend a little time that could also win you some money, try sports betting. The great news is that nowadays you don’t have to go to a betting shop to place a bet, and you don’t need to be a sports expert. You can play from […]

iGaming weekly scoop by Sitetrail

News on iGaming and the games industry Pokerihouse offers more than just poker 19 hours ago iGaming 0 Pokerihouse which started in 2005, is a Nordic online casino, has its main focus on poker games, which includes regular tournaments and freerolls. This casino is aimed at the Finish population, and not the global poker players. […]

Staying in control of technical debt for business development

Taking a shortcut and putting off work to finish the job in hand in quick time may give you a short term benefit but in the long run can affect your business’ productivity and even cause premature death. When such a situation arises then you are said to have technical debt. This is just like […]

Accumulation of Technical Debt could be essential to company survival

When you let tech debt to accumulate by your ignorance then you can be sure that defects will arise in the code in the future which will affect the functionality and performance of the code. This will affect in turn in your company’s reputation, productivity and even in its existence. Things will become costlier than […]

Having the right vision for managing Technical Debt Is Imperative

The use of software increases with the size of your business, and the more you use it, the more is the necessity to manage it properly. It is also inevitable that you will incur technical debt along with the increased use of software and therefore you will require having the proper vision to manage technical […]

Work for yourself

In in the present day’s society a lot of people are in search of a business alternative. Some people assume about beginning their very own full time full blown business and some individuals prefer to have their very own business from the house. The query is why do people now rapidly wish to have their […]

Linkedin Pay per click course with Bing Ads and Google Adwords

Linkedin released the latest pay per click course called “Introduction to PPC with Google AdWords and Bing Ads”. This course is popular with marketing agencies as well as entrepreneurs and CMO’s worldwide. It is taught by Adriaan Brits who is a marketing campaign specialist, managing large budgets across multiple platforms. A few things you might […]

Why Businesses of All Sizes Can Benefit from SAP Solutions

One of the major benefits of technology is the fact that it has enabled companies of all sizes to streamline operations, both front and back end. With the development and continual advances in Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, software, it is now possible to have one integrated system in which every department can communicate with each […]