Grabbing a job in the gaming industry – What qualifications will you need?

The three big-shot companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are striving continuously for their next enhancement and their next big technological advancement. Gamers usually experience the top titles in HD, 3D utilizing technologies like motion sensors and more. The visuals, audio and the game play are all enhanced. To put it simply, they are the present […]

Digital marketing qualifications backed by Linkedin and Microsoft

You will probably find that since the Linkedin acquisition of, and the subsequent Microsoft acquisition of Linkedin, that digital marketing professionals and agencies and marketing campaign specialists will all upgrade their skillset via the Linkedin e-learning platform. Gone are the days of overcharging via platforms like the IDM, CIM and marketmotive. New course releases […]

Data and Traffic analysis tools

Use these data analysis tools to measure traffic, popular keywords and competitor activity *Internal measurement relates to a companies’ own website, for which Microsoft or Google Analytics is more accurate. For external measurement, use any of these recommended tools: SEMRush: Particularly useful for keyword research and to estimate a competitors ad spend – in fact, […]

Media types matter for social and mobile – 5 things you should know

Compare and contrast the different media types below and their relative uses in direct communications (basically advantages and disadvantages)   Telemarketing + enables conversation for further information finding + easy to adapt message and persuade + assists in data collection and enhances lead generation + can be personalised and help relationship building + complete the […]

Reliable link sources and the value of online PR

Whether it is digital PR, lead generation of brand building you’re engaged with, it is always worth noting that the quality of the links you build as part of the same process should be of equal concern to all other objectives. There are many approaches out there and it is hard to value a good […]

Strategic windows in the mobile payments market

The mobile payments market can be analysed through strategic windows that exist, which can be considered under five headings: Firstly, concerning new segments: Neither online payments or card payments are new segments, however, the fact that internet payments are now increasingly carried out via mobile phones rather than personal computers, would qualify m-payments as a […]

Digital Marketing Research

Digital Marketing Research by Adriaan Brits How can digital marketing research help you in your career or the business where you work? In a few moments, Adriaan Brits will walk you through why it is such a useful skill to add to your list (Available from and Linkedin learning). Firstly, when we look at the […]