Understanding the marketing automation process

Making use of marketing automation software In the Chatbot & AI space, we deal with a lot of vendors in marketing automation, after all, it is about integrating the best combination of tools for the best result. Marketing automation software can help when it comes to the monitoring process relating to the activities of visitors […]

A Secret Customer Service Hack That Will Make You Money

In the age of Amazon Prime and UberEats, it’s easier now than ever before to buy things online. When people can almost buy anything from anywhere, your challenge as a small business owner is convincing consumers to shop with you rather than the big names of e-commerce. Due to your size, you won’t be able […]

Reinforce Your Company’s Brand With Custom Apparel

Customized company apparel creates a simple, affordable, and memorable way for you to promote your business and create brand awareness. It is no surprise that promotional material is a $22.9 billion network – at the top of this industry, it is proven that custom apparel boosts brand awareness by bringing customer awareness to the forefront.   In […]

Benefits of Getting Content Produced Professionally

A surefire way of diverting traffic to a site is to share consistent, relevant content that provides potential clients with the answers they need about your product or business. It is not always easy to produce such content consistently, nor to ensure that it ranks well in search engines. Producing quality content takes time, vision, […]

Extend Your Christmas Marketing Into The New Year With Dealer Chat

Yes, Christmas is usually a boon to all in the sales industry – especially those in the candy cane trade, but that’s another article entirely! But the question on everyone’s mind this time of year is how to ride that wave, how to take the high that most businesses – dealerships included – feel and […]

Comprehensive Lead Generation Strategies Include Direct Mail

You’re dissatisfied with your marketing department’s performance, you haven’t met your lead generation targets once in the last year, and you’re frustrated by a low marketing budget getting in the way of your goals. You’re not the only one trying to make do with limited resources when it comes to lead generation on a budget. […]

Entrepreneurs and Big Data: What you should know

The trend of big data should be of importance to entrepreneurs. This as companies once had the problem with not enough data, but things have changed, as they now have to deal with too much data. To solve this problem many are not streaming. Therefore, the focus is more how data is utilized, scrutinized and […]

The Importance of Key Performance Indicators In A New Business

When you are just starting out with your business, there are many things you need to consider before moving forward, and one of the most important aspects of your new business are the data streams you collect from your customers. Data drives business growth, plain and simple, and as businesses grow more interconnected it becomes […]

Work for yourself

In in the present day’s society a lot of people are in search of a business alternative. Some people assume about beginning their very own full time full blown business and some individuals prefer to have their very own business from the house. The query is why do people now rapidly wish to have their […]

Linkedin Pay per click course with Bing Ads and Google Adwords

Linkedin released the latest pay per click course called “Introduction to PPC with Google AdWords and Bing Ads”. This course is popular with marketing agencies as well as entrepreneurs and CMO’s worldwide. It is taught by Adriaan Brits who is a marketing campaign specialist, managing large budgets across multiple platforms. A few things you might […]