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Avi Ben Ezra

When it comes to AI and chatbots, Avi Ben Ezra is the "go to" person in the industry. As the CTO of SnatchBot in Israel, he runs a platform and marketplace for chatbots that is based on a revolutionary concept. He is also avid researcher in the field and is often quoted on mainstream news channels.

Understanding the basic operations of RPA

Increasingly sophisticated There used to be a time when RPA robots were only able to run scripts on systems such as individual laptops or desktops. It was possible for a user to stop or start the process. In recent times, however, there was an emergence of enterprise RPA robots which …

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Deploying Chatbots for SME’s: What you should know

The addition of a chatbot to your business can be a very valuable asset. Below I’d love to explain why: Chatbots for SME’s provide small businesses with a sophisticated way to manage customer service. It is one of the most valuable tools which any small business can have. It provides …

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6 Things you never knew chatbots and AI can achieve

People are amazed at the things we’re able to achieve with artificial intelligence and chatobts. As this revolution accelerates, I want to take a moment to share some of the information on sectors that were disrupted so positively bit it: Chatbots used in France and Israel shows how to reduce …

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