How to get better results with modern SEO practices

If there is one thing that is detrimental to a business, it is the use of outdated SEO and digital practices that should have been canned. This does not mean certain valuable crafts that worked for years will stop working: for example directory listings can still send you a lot of referral traffic, regardless of […]

12 Revolutionary Tech Companies to Watch right now

Looking for more tech companies that are fast-moving and well worth your watching? As an avid tech enthusiast, companies that are disruptive, innovative and growing at a phenomenal speed always get my attention. These are some of the companies I consider to be movers and shakers right now: Roobee This is an investment platform that […]

The collective use of RPA and chatbots

What are chatbots expected to become? We may soon see chatbots that have the ability to adopt a personality which is based on the contextual information which is derived from understanding the personality of the customer. Chatbots will also be able to make use of facial recognition. It will also be possible to have chatbots […]

Understanding the basic operations of RPA

Increasingly sophisticated There used to be a time when RPA robots were only able to run scripts on systems such as individual laptops or desktops. It was possible for a user to stop or start the process. In recent times, however, there was an emergence of enterprise RPA robots which was able to operate on […]

Deploying Chatbots for SME’s: What you should know

The addition of a chatbot to your business can be a very valuable asset. Below I’d love to explain why: Chatbots for SME’s provide small businesses with a sophisticated way to manage customer service. It is one of the most valuable tools which any small business can have. It provides the business with the opportunity […]

6 Things you never knew chatbots and AI can achieve

People are amazed at the things we’re able to achieve with artificial intelligence and chatobts. As this revolution accelerates, I want to take a moment to share some of the information on sectors that were disrupted so positively bit it: Chatbots used in France and Israel shows how to reduce credit card fraud and reduce […]

How AI enhances consumer experiences – by Avi Ben Ezra

A happy customer is generally a buying customer Whatever you can do to make your customer happy should be done with enthusiasm and also regularly. Research has shown that excellence in consumer service is one of the most important factors as far as business success is concerned. The old saying that the customer is king […]

Understanding the marketing automation process

Making use of marketing automation software In the Chatbot & AI space, we deal with a lot of vendors in marketing automation, after all, it is about integrating the best combination of tools for the best result. Marketing automation software can help when it comes to the monitoring process relating to the activities of visitors […]