How SnatchBot is disrupting next-level communication in business

Leveraging technology to improve business communication and reduce manual labour has become a fine balancing act. Companies who succeed at doing this effectively, will have a leading edge over competitors who are stuck in the conventional quadrant. The first port of call to find the best solution in the market often starts when developers look […]

A Secret Customer Service Hack That Will Make You Money

In the age of Amazon Prime and UberEats, it’s easier now than ever before to buy things online. When people can almost buy anything from anywhere, your challenge as a small business owner is convincing consumers to shop with you rather than the big names of e-commerce. Due to your size, you won’t be able […]

The Amazing Benefits That Come With A Reliable Chemical Supplier

Many businesses within large Canadian industries require specific chemical solutions for their products and projects. In order to get their hands on these chemical materials, businesses will need to find a reliable resource — their best bet is finding a leading chemical supplier that caters to their industry. If you are wondering why a chemical […]

5 Tips For Throwing A Large Event Smoothly And Safely

If you are hosting a large corporate event such as a concert or conference, there are a few ways to prepare ahead of time to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible while protecting the safety of your guests. Whenever you are throwing a large corporate event, you have a few options available to […]

Reinforce Your Company’s Brand With Custom Apparel

Customized company apparel creates a simple, affordable, and memorable way for you to promote your business and create brand awareness. It is no surprise that promotional material is a $22.9 billion network – at the top of this industry, it is proven that custom apparel boosts brand awareness by bringing customer awareness to the forefront.   In […]

Benefits of Getting Content Produced Professionally

A surefire way of diverting traffic to a site is to share consistent, relevant content that provides potential clients with the answers they need about your product or business. It is not always easy to produce such content consistently, nor to ensure that it ranks well in search engines. Producing quality content takes time, vision, […]

Three Reasons To Switch To Cloud Accounting Right Now

Unless your headquarters is located under a particularly large rock, you’ve probably heard of cloud-based accounting systems before. It’s the hot topic of conversation, so you might be entertaining the switch from traditional accounting software to systems that use the cloud. The decision isn’t always an easy one. If you still aren’t sure if your […]

What Should a Good HR Software Include?

Technology has created countless benefits for businesses, and made life easier for a lot of staff.  One of the ways that businesses have benefited is from the implementation of HR software.  Instead of human resources staff having to do everything manually, they can now use a unified system that reduces errors, increases productivity, and gives […]

Extend Your Christmas Marketing Into The New Year With Dealer Chat

Yes, Christmas is usually a boon to all in the sales industry – especially those in the candy cane trade, but that’s another article entirely! But the question on everyone’s mind this time of year is how to ride that wave, how to take the high that most businesses – dealerships included – feel and […]

Ready Your Business For The Holidays – Update Your POS System!

The most exciting, but also most dreaded, time of year for retailers and their staff is the December holiday season, during which an innumerable amount of customers will rush in and out of your establishment looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. Insofar as the rush is endless, it’s important to be prepared, […]